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Cross-border commuters

More than 50,000 people commute to work across borders in the Lake Constance region in 2011. This corresponds to 2.7 percent of all employees in the region. Cross-border commuters' most popular destinations include the Principality of Liechtenstein as well as the Swiss cantons of St. Gallen, Zurich, Schaffhausen, Graubünden and Thurgau.


With more than 29,000 cross-border commuters, Eastern Switzerland is among the most popular destinations in the region. 57 percent of cross-border workers live in Germany, 27 percent in Austria. 14 percent of the cross-border workes live in Italy, most of them commute to the canton of Graubünden.


In 2010, about 17,500 workers commuted across borders to work in Liechtenstein, meaning that more than 50 percent of people working in the Principality live outside its borders. 52 percent of those cross-border commuters reside in Switzerland, 45 percent in Austria and 3 percent in Germany.


In Vorarlberg (Austria) about 3,100 workers commute to work from outside the country. Most of them live in Germany.


The German part of the Lake Constance region registered about 1,900 cross-border commuters from neighbouring countries in 2011. 47 percent of those live in Austria, 41 percent in Switzerland.