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Job Vacancies

  • Note: In 2015 the statistical labout market monitoring is going to be revised. In the meantime, tables and maps on unemployment and vacancies will not be updated regularly. We will present the new statistical concept until the end of 2015. Thank you for your understanding.


Numbers pertaining to job vacancies are provided by the respective national labour market authorities and therefore only include open positions these authorities have been notified of by employers on a voluntary basis.
On average, 40 to 50 percent of job vacancies are reported to the labour market authorities. All other vacancies are not included in the data. However, the figures presented here still reflect general trends in the job market and provide information on the current demand for labour in the region.
The publication “Quartalsbericht zum Arbeitsmarkt in der REGIO Bodensee”, a quarterly report on the labour market in the Lake Constance region, outlines trends with regard to job vacancies on a regular basis (published until the end of 2014).