Monthly unemployment figures and rates for the Lake Constance region, based on the official unemployment figures, are provided monthly. They are differentiated by sex, age, nationality and duration and are made available by the 15th of the subsequent month.


Different legal frameworks and approaches to recording unemployment limit the comparability of the presented data. If compared to unemployment data collected by the EU for the respective regions, data provided by German and Austrian labour market authorities tend to slightly exceed EU figures while data provided by the Swiss labour market authority tend to be somewhat lower than the corresponding EU data. 


You can find more information on the different approaches to recording unemployment in the  EURES publication “Arbeitslosenstatistiken in der REGIO-Bodensee und deren Vergleichbarkeit”, which is available for free to download on the web page Comparability.


The publication “Quartalsbericht zum Arbeitsmarkt in der REGIO Bodensee” , a quarterly report on the labour market in the Lake Constance region, outlines trends in unemployment on a regular basis.